The Story

One day, out of the blue, your childhood friend Kyle appeared to pull you along on an adventure. The demons have attacked the world and Kyle is bent upon defeating them, with your help of course.

During the course of your journey you meet various people who are willing (sometimes.... and at other times needing a nudge) to join your quest. Each of these has special abilities that you can use at the right time in the fights to unleash maximum damage or to avail the best benefit.

Journey the world and collect items that dot the world to build the best weapons and armor to make yourself and your compatriots stronger as the enemy gets tougher and harder.

Weave through the magical story as the saga unfurls!

99 Dragons

About Us

99 Dragons is a result of collaboration between Bhasinsoft and Qmax.

Bhasinsoft is an Indian animation and gaming studio and also publishes and distributes animated content and games.

Qmax is a premier Japanese game studio developing iOS and Android titles.

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